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The Coral Bark or 'Senkaki' Maples are a highly sought-after Japanese Maple variety that boasts striking coral-red stems that are especially bright during the winter and early spring months when the tree has dropped its leaves and just as it puts on new growth. In addition to its distinctive stems, this tree features gorgeous bright autumn foliage and a compact, attractive form. It prefers a sheltered spot, to avoid hot summer winds, and to keep it looking its best. Coral Bark Maples can be grown in a large pot as a feature tree or planted in any garden to make an impressive visual statement.

Coral Bark Maple

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    • Botanic name: Acer palmatum 'Senkaki'
    • Plant type: Deciduous Tree
    • Growth rate: Moderate
    • Max size: 4.5m high x 2m wide
    • Aspect: Full sun to part shade (protected site preferable)
    • Water requirements:  Moderate (water regularly during warmer months)
    • Soil requirements:  Fertile, free draining is best.
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