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Ornamental Tree Seedlings

2024 Catalogue:
Bare-rooted Tree Seedlings

Summit Nurseries offers a range of bare-rooted ornamental tree seedlings over the winter season (June to late August). These 1 year old bare-rooted seedlings are a cost effective way to purchase healthy plants that will grow into beautiful ornamental trees over time.

What are bare-rooted trees?

Dormant plants that have been lifted from the ground, and stored or transplanted without soil around their root system. Over winter many plants enter an annual dormancy phase until spring arrives, this allows them to be more easily dug from the ground, where they can be easily planted at a later date before spring. In general, most deciduous trees can be be packaged & sold like this without any harm. It's often a more cost effective way to buy nursery plants.

General  seedling information:

Bare-Rooted seedlings often lack leaves and branches when you receive them, but should have a decent root system to help them establish quickly. Seedlings will vary in size and vigor naturally, however with the right care and attention they should establish quickly. These seedlings are all approximately 1 year old field grown stock, selected for their health and quality.

Care instructions (Full planting guide found here):

To ensure your bare-rooted seedlings get a good start, find a suitable space in the garden that will accommodate their future size. Cultivate the earth in a 40 cm diameter to ensure free draining soil around the seedling's root-zone. If the soil is clay heavy or generally poor, incorporate some potting mix or compost into the soil. Make sure not to plant too deep or shallow, and if you apply mulch once it's in the ground, ensure it's spread evenly and not touching the stem of the seedling. It's best not to leave bare-rooted seedlings outside of the ground for too long, otherwise the roots will begin to dry out. They can be temporarily stored in a refrigerated or cold area, just ensure they are wrapped in a damp cloth.

Our 2024 Catalogue 

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